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Semi-permanent make-up eyebrow treatments

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If you wish for fuller eyebrows, semi-permanent brows might be the solution. There are various techniques that can achieve the brows you desire. Book a consultation to discuss how we can achieve this for you.

If you wish to see our other beauty treatments, here is the price list.

What are semi-permanent make-up and microblading treatments?

Semi-permanent make-up is an umbrella term for a whole range of different procedures, e.g. microblading, powder brows, permanent eyeliner and even lip blush. Each of these is a separate discipline that you need to take a separate course in.

Although semi-permanent make-up originates from permanent tattooing, it is a cosmetic technique. The main differences between semi-permanent make up and microblading treatments are that microblading is only carried out on the eyebrows and uses a manual hand-held tool.

Semi-permanent make-up is a cosmetic treatment to enhance eyes, brows and lips to add definition to the face. This technique involves injecting pigment through a fine vibrating electric needle into the most superficial layers of the skin.

Powder brows

Powder brows (also known as shaded brows) involves the artist inserting PMU pigments into the top layers of the skin with a tattoo machine, using the dotting technique or pixelisation.

A powdery eyebrow effect is achieved, and misty, powdered brows are created. The technique gives a dramatic brow with more depth and density than microblading. It is also an alternative for a client with oily skin who is unsuitable for microblading, as the oil can cause the pigment to migrate causing blurry strokes.


Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that creates an extremely natural, fuller and more defined brow specifically tailored to each client. An artist uses a manual handheld pen-like tool, made up of a series of fine needles to create small individual strokes or cuts in your skin. After pigment is added, these strokes mimic natural hairs.

Micro shading

Micro shading is more subtle than powder brows, using finer needles. It often is combined with microblading to give more depth and a slightly fuller brows.

Ombre brows

Ombre brows creates an arch that is darker. The bulb starts light and gets darker towards the arch then reduces as it goes into the tail. Using different coloured pigments give the best results.

Feathering brows

Feathering brows, also known as micro feathering, is very similar to microblading. However, whereas microblading is used to create a brow, usually on brows that are thin or have been overplucked, feathering enhances the brows you currently have.

Micro feathering works with the brow’s natural shape and focuses on adding fine hair strokes to fill in gaps for a more natural, fluffy result. It is good treatment for filling in depth and density on fine brow hair that is already in a good shape. For feathered brows, you need to have decent brows to begin with, as the idea is to just enhance what you already have and to not manipulate the shape too much.

Treatment prices

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Price list

Express Dermalogica facial – 30 minutes for £25 (includes cleanse, exfoliation and masque)

Standard Dermalogica facial – 45 minutes for £40

Deep cleansing back treatment – 45 minutes for £35

Perfect for anyone wishing to wear a backless dress, as it will improve skin clarity and leave it feeling soft and supple.

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