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VTCT microblading courses

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VTCT qualifications are amongst the most widely preferred qualifications by salons and beauty professionals.

Level 4 Certificate in Enhancing Eyebrows with Microblading Techniques

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that creates an extremely natural, fuller and more defined brow specifically tailored to each client. An artist uses a manual handheld pen-like tool, made up of a series of fine needles to create small individual strokes or cuts in your skin. After pigment is added, these strokes mimic natural hair.

Eyebrow Image by Ernesto Norman

This microblading course is VTCT accredited and is the equivalent of a level 4 qualification. It designed for professional therapists aged 18 and over, wishing to study to an advanced level both theoretically and practically. The training will give you the knowledge to perform advanced eyebrow treatments using a variety of microblading techniques. The training will require at least 100 hours of self-study.

Course includes

  • Anatomy and physiology for microblading (equivalent to level 4).

  • A variety of effects in enhancing eyebrows using microblading techniques.

  • In depth consultation knowledge and techniques.

  • Professional standards and relevant legislation information.

  • Preparation and aftercare advice.

  • Eyebrow shaping services.​


Entry requirements

  • Minimum level 2 beauty therapy qualification.

Course structure

The course will be run over three-days and these do not have to be consecutive days. The course is not only intense, but is designed for working therapists, therefore we will endeavour to work with you to fit around your salon duties.​


Once you have booked and paid for your course you will be emailed your learning materials. Prior to your course date, you should read and complete the knowledge quizzes. The learning material consists of three separate manuals containing the following topics:

  • Manual 1 Professional standards 

  • Manual 2 Anatomy and physiology

  • Manual 3 Microblading (including Eyebrow shaping services)

To gain your qualification, you will need to have completed the 3-day course, your case studies, and attended and passed your assessment day. The course cannot be completed in less than 12 weeks.

Course overview

Day 1 

This will take place at Elite Beauty Academy in Banwell.

Having completed the anatomy and physiology and professional standards manuals, bring the completed work sheets with you on the first day of the course. They will be marked and used to focus part of the day on topics you are less confident in. Homework will be set on the day by your lecturer. Please remember this is to help embed your knowledge and allow you to get the most from your course.


Day 2 & 3

This takes place at Sunflower Beauty in Portishead.

You will complete enhanced eyebrow services. You will learn all the practical and theoretical information, and techniques to carry out a microblading treatment (from consultation to aftercare and subsequent additional top-up treatments). The training is intense and you will be given home study as well.


Case studies

Over a minimum of three months, maximum of six after attending the course, you will need to complete ten case studies, which should include:

  • At least 4 different types of blades, including an angled, u-blade, a hard and flexi blade.

  • Both organic and inorganic pigments.

  • At least 3 different coloured pigments.

  • At least 3 different effects.

  • Must not include top-up treatments.

  • Include the completed permission and consultation forms.



After the initial training, you will be asked to complete 4 observed practical assessments on four different models


External exam

You will complete exam questions set and marked by VTCT



The 3-day course, enrolment, examination fees, assessment day and certificate is £1750.

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